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Download: Introduction Sheet ICOMOS20C HereISC20C Statutes


ISC20C is inter-disciplinary in its membership and recognizes the diversity of regional and cultural expression in twentieth-century heritage. The ISC20C welcomes expert, associate and institutional members
The ICOMOS Twentieth Century Heritage International Scientific Committee focuses its efforts on conserving and celebrating mid to late twentieth-century places that are most at risk through lack of recognition and protection.
The committee co-ordinates a range of projects, conferences, declarations, and publications to address these issues. The Heritage Alerts program is a key advocacy project through which ISC20C raises international public consciousness about specific sites under threat each year.
The committee members form a permanent international and inter-disciplinary group representing various specializations and research themes particular to the heritage places of the Twentieth Century. We facilitate international and regional collaboration through projects such as the Socialist Realism initiative and the Maseana project; and actively disseminate current knowledge in the field through the ongoing development of our Heritage Toolkit. Annual meetings and conferences identify current and forthcoming issues for ISC20C engagement. We actively use social media platforms as a forum for discussion and exchange of information and conservation initiatives.
In 2014, the committee published the international standard: Approaches for the Conservation of the Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage (known as the Madrid Document) which is currently being extended to include urban areas and landscapes, for the General Assembly in Delhi in 2017.
ISC20C is active in providing advice within ICOMOS and externally about world heritage listing and management of modern heritage places.
The committee works in partnership with relevant regional and international organisations with an interest in Twentieth Century Heritage such as UAI, TICCIH, ICCROM, mAAN, and Docomomo.

By promoting and celebrating the values of the heritage places of the Twentieth Century and its creators, ISC20C aims to lead, support and sustain its conservation, management and interpretation. We take a broad view of what constitutes twentieth-century heritage places by including in our work buildings, structures, urban ensembles and city plans, cultural landscapes, industrial and historic archaeology, tangible and intangible heritage.






Conference dates: Sunday,September 2-4 2018
Conference Venue: Trento and Bolzano, Italy

Sunday,September 2-4, 2018
(including discussions)
ISC20C Tours and visits to nearby places in Bolzano will be arranged on Monday and Tuesday, September 3-4, 2018.
ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage
Annual General Meeting
Trento and Bolzano, Italy

We encourage all members to notify us if you will be in attendance at the meeting on September 2, 2018. A notification email of attendance should be sent to Leo Schmidt at: lschmidtcb@gmail.com


Conference dates: 17th to 20th October 2017
Conference Venue: Buenos Aires, Argentina
ICOMOS Argentina and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Palermo are pleased to invite you to participate in the Heritage Space of the XVI International Architecture Biennial of Buenos Aires, in a new Meeting of Latin American Committees of ICOMOS of the 20th Century. This year it will take place from 17th to 20th October at the emblematic Usina del Arte, situated in the Arts District in La Boca neighbourhood. Link: http://patrimonioindustrial.icomos.org.ar/

Annual Meeting Berlin, 10–12 September 2017, Rethinking Modernity

We are pleased to announce a conference on “Rethinking Modernity: Architecture and Urban Planning of the Twentieth Century – Between Avantgarde and Tradition”. It will be held in Berlin from 10-12 September. It is being organised by the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing and the Berlin Authority for the Preservation of Monuments in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste and ICOMOS Germany.

The conference languages are English and German with simultaneous translations; admission is free; you are invited to submit registrations by 7th of September 2017: For more information, please contact Karin Lelonek, phone: +49-30-20057-1537, mail: lelonek@adk.de




10–12 September, 2017


12th – 15th DECEMBER, 2017


ICOMOS India is proud to organize the 19th triennial General Assembly in Delhi, India from 12th – 15th December, 2017. The theme of Scientific Symposium is “Heritage & Democracy”. For more detail information including the call for papers, please visit: http://icomosga2017.org/

September 28, 2016

Y-Block Government Buildings, Oslo, Norway
The International sacientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage (ISC20C) of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) has released an International Heritage Alert regarding the threatened demolition of the Y-block of the Government Quarter in Oslo, Norway. This action supports the conservation initiatives of ICOMOS Norway and confirms international concern about threats to the heritage sigificance of this important modern heritage complex in the center of Oslo.


The Administration Building at the Izumo Shrine, Shimane, Japan

One of the leading International organizations for the protection of 20th Century Cultural Heritage, the International Council on monuments and Site International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century heritage (ICOMOS ISC20C), has expressed its concern about the alarming situation now facing the Administration Building at the Izumo Shrine, in Shimane, Japan.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

International Congress Center (ICC), Berlin, Germany
The ICC Berlin is a landmark of former West Berlin. Its relevance has long been accepted by the scientific community in Germany. Important institutions (the Architectural Association of Berlin, the Bund Heimat und Umwelt in Deutschland, the Monument Council of Berlin, the Association of Conservationists in Germany) have argued publicly for the listing of the ICC.

May 8, 2014

Socialist Realism and Socialist Modernism
The Socialist Heritage Initiative advocates for the recognition and protection of works of architecture and art from socialist times as cultural landmarks and historical [….]

March 16, 2014

One of the leading International organizations for the protection of 20th Century Cultural Heritage – the International Council on Monuments and Sites International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage (ICOMOS ISC20C) and the International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural heritage


2018 World Monuments Watch

Every two years, the World Monuments Watch calls international attention to unique places around the world that are at risk from the forces of nature or from the impact of social, political, and economic change. Since its inception, the program has included 790 sites in135 countries and territories around the world. American Express is the founding sponsor of the World Monuments Watch. Nominations for the 2018 World Monuments Watch are being accepted here untilMarch 1, 2017.

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