ICOMOS ISC20C Dublin, Ireland, October 26-31, 2010
On Tuesday, 26 October 2010 The ICOMOS Twentieth Century Heritage International Scientific Committee hosted its 2010 committee meeting in Dublin, Ireland from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the Wood Quay Venue, located on Wood Quay, between Fishamble Street and Winetavern Street.
The ISC meeting preceded the ICOMOS Advisory and Executive Committee meetings and the Scientific Council Symposium which was be held 26 October through 31 October 2010 in Dublin. All members reported their activities this year to Kyle Normandin, Secretary General prior to the meeting,which were included in the meeting agenda and are reflected in the meeting minutes. As part of the requirements of ISC20C membership, most members reported on their respective committee work activities. Below please find a copy of the Dublin meeting agenda and meeting minutes, including other materials which were used as part of the ISC and council meetings in Dublin. The documents are presented as downloadable documents below.
COMOS Ireland in partnership with DOCOMOMO Ireland, the ISC20C and the Dublin City Council also hosted an evening of short (15min) presentations by member hosts and ISC20C members about current Twentieth Century Heritage issues & Conserving the Recent Past. This summary program is presented below which followed the ISC meeting, at 6-8pm. The evening session were shared and open to the public which proved to be a topical professional exchange. The summary program included:

  • Sheridan Burke (Australia): Tolerance for Change-Conservation Planning at the Sydney Opera House
  • Bernhard Furrer: (Switzerland): Monte Verita, Ascona
  • Gunny Harboe(USA): Restoring Mies : When Less Was Not Always Enough
  • Kyle Normandin (USA): Travertine Repairs at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • Shane O’Toole of DoCoMoMo Ireland: The Razing and Raising Again of Archer’s Garage
  • Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros Rosillo (Spain): Expansion on 20th Century Heritage: A Convenient Language
  • Riita Salastie (Finland): Integrity and Authenticy in Modern Movement Architecture, Paimio Hospital, Finland

The venue for our meeting and evening presentations is particularly apt, as the Wood Quay Venue is housed in the basement of the 1970s Sam Stephenson designed Dublin City Council civic offices. The erection of the Sam Stephenson civic offices on the archeological site of Dublin’s Viking settlement prompted Irelands biggest conservation debate culminating in extensive and prolonged street rallies and protest marches. Wood Quay can be credited with introducing conservation into the general public’s consciousness while simultaneously contributing towards the vilification of contemporary architecture in the public mindset during the 1970s and 80s – thus feeding into the challenges faced in Ireland today by the conservation community to argue for the preservation of that 20th century built heritage.
The Dublin ICOMOS meeting schedule was as follows:

Tuesday, 26 October
International Scientific Committee meetings ISC20C 1-4pm Twentieth Century Heritage : Conserving the Recent Past Public Symposium 6-8pm

Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Advisory Committee meeting, with official opening by the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese – from 11:30 and continuing all day
Thursday, 28 October 2010
Scientific Council meeting – all day In parallel, Regional Group meetings – first half of afternoon
Friday, 29 October
Advisory Committee meeting– all day
Saturday, 30 October 2010
Scientific Symposium: Changing World, Changing Views of Heritage – The Impact of Global Change on Cultural Heritage, Heritage and Social Change
Sunday, 31 October
Tour and Executive Committee meeting – all day

Our Irish colleagues provided registration for the ICOMOS ISC20CH and the ICOMOS Advisory Committee meeting in Dublin to be held October 2010. ICOMOS Ireland set up a website to handle all registerations including information on the conference at: http://conference.icomosireland.ie , including all practical information and related tours prior to the meeting.

Sheridan Burke
President, ICOMOS ISC20C

Click here to download Dublin ISC20C Seminar Invite Flyer

The current drafted minutes from the ISC20C meeting in Madrid are also available.
Click here to download file for Dublin Meeting Minutes 2010