Triennial Action Plan

ISC20C Committee Action Plan 2017-2020

•Twentieth Century Concrete Research (Innova Concrete) with University of Cadiz and European Partners – Contact Gunny Harboe & Kyle Normandin.

• Approaches to Conservation of Twentieth Century Heritage (Madrid-New Delhi Document) provides international benchmark guidance about how to practically conserve and manage C20 heritage places – Contact Leo Schmidt & Kyle Normandin.

• Twentieth Century Thematic History Framework: ISC20C is contributing to work underway by the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles, to develop a Historic Thematic Framework for the twentieth century to help researchers to identify potentially significant places and sites by defining the historic themes that charaterised the Twentieth Century with selected illustrative examples – Contact Sheridan Burke & Enrique de Anda Alanis.

• Young Emerging Professionals Mentoring Program and Working Group – Contact Smriti Pant & Leo Schmidt.

• Heritage Alerts is an active program of international advocacy for C20 sites that raises international public consciousness about specific sites under threat http://www.icomos-isc20c.org/heritage-alerts/ – Contact Olaf Steen & Gunny Harboe.

• Twentieth Century Heritage Toolkit is a web-based toolkit of reference resources for conserving the heritage sites and places of the Twentieth Century http://www.icomos-isc20c.org/heritage-toolkit/ – Contact Enrique Madia.

• World Monuments Watch nominations review – Contact Kyle Normandin.

• Socialist Heritage Initiative advocates for the recognition and protection of works of architecture and art from socialist times as cultural landmarks and historical monuments: http://socheritage.com/ – Contact Kyle Normandin.

• Climate Change and Heritage Working Group – Contact Sheridan Burke & Leo Schmidt

• mASEANa is a 6-year-project with Docomomo Japan and mAAN, 2015-2020 supporting ASEAN nations conserving modern heritage.

• World Heritage Advice and training: ISC20C provides advice within ICOMOS and externally about World Heritage nominations and management through policy development, nomination reviews and state of conservation reporting.

• ISC20C website upgrade and promotion of social media activities as a forum for discussion and exchange of information and conservation initiatives including via Facebook, Instagram by ISC20C – Contact Kyle Normandin.

• Annual Meetings: Italy 2018, Morocco 2019, Australia 2020 – Contact Sheridan Burke & Gunny Harboe.

Download: Committee Action Plan 2017-2020